How To Determine If ATV’s Electric Motor Can Function Properly?

To help you better understand How To Determine If Atv’s Electric Motor Can Function Properly, we have make an explanatory video. You can test your ATV motor by following the video along with the written instructions below. If you’re still confused, please don’t hesitate to contact us! As professional ATV manufacturers, we’re more than happy to assist and answer your questions!

How To Determine If Atv’s Electric Motor Can Function Properly?

First, raise the ATV so the wheels are off the ground. Then, spin the wheels by hand. They should move easily.

Second, connect any two of the three wires going to the motor. Now try spinning the wheels again. They should be harder to turn. Disconnect the wires, and the wheels should spin easily again. This test checks the motor’s internal wiring.

Third, with the ATV switched on, use a multimeter to measure the voltage between the Hall line’s positive and negative ends, connected to both the motor and controller. It should show around 4.5 volts. Also, measure between the Hall’s negative end and the three colored wires (yellow, green, and blue). You should see 5 volts. If not, slowly turn the wheel until the multimeter shows 5 volts. This step checks if the Hall sensor, a part of the motor, is working right.

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