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4WD-ATV, a trusted Electric 4WD ATV & 2WD ATV Factory, Provide high-quality electric 4wd ATVs & 2wd elelctric quad for Northern Europe customers.

We are Blue Ocean Extreme Sports Co., Ltd. 4WD-ATV.com is our ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) product website. Many of our customers are in Northern Europe countries, including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, etc. These are our hot sale electric ATV & electric quads.

Customize Electric ATV For Your Brand

Our ATV appearance can be customized to fit your brand, from color to logo to style, all in line with your brand and imagination.


4WD Electric ATV

Model: ATV401
powerful electric ATV

Powerful Electric ATV

Model: ATV-202

2WD Electric ATV

Model: ATV203

Customize Electric ATVs For Different Terrains

Northern Europe has many different terrains, and our ATVs can be tailored to adapt well to these terrains,Let’s take Finland, Sweden, and Norway as examples.

Electric ATVs For Finland

In Finland, ATVs are often used in forested areas and on private roads. Given the vast stretches of forests and rural landscapes, ATVs are ideal for navigating through dense woods and over rough trails. Additionally, they are used in the lake regions, particularly in areas where roads are scarce or in rugged conditions. During the winter, ATVs equipped with suitable tires can also be used on snow-covered terrains.

Electric ATVs For Sweden

Similar to Finland, Sweden’s extensive boreal forests and rugged mountainous regions in the north provide ideal terrain for ATV riding. ATVs are used for both recreational purposes and by those who need to traverse difficult terrains, such as hunters or forestry workers. In the southern agricultural parts, ATVs are also used on farms and in open fields. Winter use is also common, especially in northern Sweden where snow and ice dominate the landscape for several months.

Electric ATVs For Norway

Norway’s varied landscape, from coastal areas to mountainous terrains, offers diverse opportunities for ATV use. The mountain regions, with their steep and rugged terrains, are particularly popular for more challenging ATV riding. ATVs are also used in rural and forested areas for both recreational and practical purposes, such as farming and transportation in areas where roads are limited or inaccessible. In winter, ATVs are adapted for use in snowy conditions, especially in the interior and northern parts of the country.


SHAFT DRIVE 60V 52AH 3000W 10 inch

MODEL: EA-2007

SHAFT DRIVE 72V 32AH 1800W 8 inch Tire

MODEL: EA-2016

SHAFT DRIVE 72V 32AH 1800W A word back fork 8 inch Tire

MODEL: EA-2016

Electric ATVs & Electric Quads Applications In Northern Europe

Our Northern Europe customers use our electric ATVs are used for a variety of purposes. Here are some common uses.

1. Recreational Riding

Diverse and scenic landscapes in Northern Europe make it ideal for outdoor activities. Electric ATVs are used for recreational riding through forests, across countryside, and in other off-road terrains. They are particularly popular for exploring areas where preservation of the natural environment is important, as they are quieter and less polluting than gas-powered ATVs.

2. Hunting and Fishing

Some Northern Europe countries have a rich tradition of hunting and fishing. Electric ATVs provide a quiet way to traverse remote areas without disturbing wildlife, which is crucial for hunters and anglers.

3. Agriculture and Forestry

Many agricultural and forestry sectors utilize ATVs for various tasks. Electric ATVs offer an efficient and environmentally friendly option for navigating large farms and forest areas for tasks like inspection, herding livestock, and transporting small equipment.

4. Snow and Winter Activities

Given long winters and heavy snowfall in Northern European countries, electric ATVs can be equipped with snow tracks to navigate snowy terrains. They are used for winter sports, trail riding, and accessing remote areas during the snowy months.

5. Property Maintenance

For those owning large properties or living in rural areas, electric ATVs are handy for general property maintenance tasks, such as hauling small loads, landscaping, or clearing snow.

6. Emergency and Rescue Operations

Swing check valves consist of a body chamber housing a hinged disc. When fluid flows forward, the pressure of the fluid opens disc, allowing smooth flow. And when the fluid reverses its flow, the disc swings shut, effectively preventing backflow.

7. Eco-Tourism

Northern Europe countries such as Finland, Norway, and Sweden, their focus on sustainable tourism has led to the use of electric ATVs in eco-tourism activities, where visitors can explore natural areas without contributing to air and noise pollution.

These diverse uses reflect the adaptability of our electric ATVs to various conditions and needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you intend to purchase electric ATVs and electric quads.


SHAFT DRIVE 48V 20AH 750W 8 inch Tire

MODEL: EA-2017

SHAFT DRIVE 60V 52AH 5000W 10 inch Tire

MODEL: EA-2005-1

SHAFT DRIVE 60V 52AH 1800W 10 inch Tire


What To Consider When Choosing Electric ATVs/Electric Quads

People in Northern European countries may opt for electric ATVs (electric quads) for several reasons

1. Environmental Concerns

Northern European countries are known for its commitment to environmental sustainability. Electric ATVs produce no emissions, making them a greener choice compared to traditional gasoline-powered ATVs.

2. Noise Reduction

Electric ATVs are much quieter than their gasoline counterparts. This is particularly appealing in Finland, where people often use ATVs for recreation in natural areas, and the reduced noise pollution is beneficial for both the environment and the overall experience.

3. Lower Operating Costs

Electric vehicles, including ATVs, typically have lower operating costs. They require less maintenance than gasoline-powered ATVs and the cost of recharging the battery is generally lower than refueling with gasoline.

4. Government Incentives

Some countries, including those in the European Union, offer incentives for purchasing electric vehicles. These incentives can make electric ATVs more financially attractive.

5. Advancements in Technology

The technology for electric vehicles, including ATVs, has been rapidly improving. This includes longer battery life and improved performance, making them more practical and appealing for a variety of uses.

6. Outdoor Recreation Culture

Northern European countries have a strong culture of outdoor activities. Electric ATVs allow people to enjoy the outdoors in a way that aligns with the country’s values of environmental care and sustainability.

Each of these factors contributes to the growing popularity of electric ATVs & Quads in Northern European countries.

4WD-ATV, as a professional manufacturer & factory in China, we are glad to share electro-ATV information with you. If you have specific questions or topics you’d like to explore, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to provide you with information or insights!

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