EA-2016 SHAFT DRIVE 72V 32AH 1800W 8 inch Tire

We provide excellent electric ATV manufacturing, OEM/ODM and design services delivering the most radical electric ATV on the planet. What we provide is not only extraordinary electronic ATV but a systematic service network that ties customers and dealers together. Our ATV has a wide range of uses, such as used for off-road travel and recreation, plowing and seed spreading on the farm, as snow tracks in winter, etc. Check out our product and capabilities below and see why 4WD-ATV is the partner you need!


Specification Of Electric 4 Wheeler ATV

  • Product name: SHAFT DRIVE
  • Model: EA-2016
  • Battery: 60V 20AH lead-acid battery (12V 20AH*5PCS)
  • Battery Life time: 300 cycles
  • Motor power: 60V 1500W brushless differential speed motor
  • Absorber (front/rear): Front and rear airbag shock absorption
  • Controller: 60V 1500W 24 tube
  • Charger: AC80-240 50-60Hz 5A
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Speed(km/h): 45/23/8 3 speed
  • Max Range(Km): 40
  • Seat Height(mm): 720
  • Ground clearance(mm): 160
  • Brake: hydraulic disc brake
  • Max Climbing Angle( ° ): 30
  • Max Load(Kg): 85
  • Tire: Front Tire 19*7-8, Rear Tire 18*9.5-8
  • G.W/N.W(kg): 150/128
  • Product size(mm): 1540*890*1020
  • Carton size(mm): 1380*900*610

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The maximum power of our current ATV is 5000W. The maximum power of 4WD ATV is 2X2000W.All high-power ATV connectors are waterproof connectors, which are safe and reliable.

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How Do We Manufacture High Quality Electric ATVs

All the important parts of our products are produced by precision machines in our own factory.

Systematic audits of new products, control of on-going production of each line, and process audits.

ATV can be enchanting and versatile. So, we’re passionate about creating great decorations and labels to help build your brands.


Applications Of Electric 4 Wheelers

Off-Road ATV
ATV For Seed Spreading
ATV Snow Track
electriv ATVs in the deser
Sport ATV

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